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Fouziyas Cooking, established in 2013 by Wife-Husband duo – Fauziya Kuty & Sheik Taher, makes a wide range of Natural & Handmade Jams, Pickels & Sauces.

Proponents of the slow food movement, Kutty & Taher have focussed on creating natural products that use organic produce which is locally sourced, making them a perfect fit to be onboard Simple soul.

Fouziya Kutty is a self-thought (sprinkled cooking tips from Grandmothers & Aunties) culinary entrepreneur makes an array of spreads, including strawberry, mango, apple-fig, banana, peanut butter, and orange marmalade. Her savory sauces include schezwan sauce, tomato ketchup, pasta sauce, and the original favorite date & lime pickle chutney.

Fauziya uses only fresh Fruits & Vegetables in their spreads & sauces, never pre-made pulp, in fact, their spreads contain up to 70% fruit content without the use of preservatives, added colors, flavors, or other chemical concoctions. This focus on natural additive-free food means, the products have a short shelf life, and also, since they use seasonal fruits & vegetables, all products are not available throughout the year.

Along with powering sustainable, organic & natural products, Fauziyas Cooking also plans to scale up its operations with an all-women production unit, making it a wholesome new-age brand.

Fauziyas Cooking’s young ticklingly good organic pickles and preserves have great demand across South India and we at Simple Soul are happy to bring them to your doorstep. Buy Organic Pickles, Preservative free Sauces, Spreads and more in Bangalore, Karnataka only on Simple Soul. To know more about Fauziya Kutty’s journey and her products, contact us at connact@simplesoul.in

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