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Millet Snacks in Bangalore, Karnataka

Popularly termed as Super grains, millets are not only rich in nutrition, but also carry a rich history dating back to the Indian Bronze Age (4500 BC). Sadly, as years passed, their importance reduced to being meager birdseed. Only to realize that it’s the need of the hour.

Considering the lifestyle that we lead, especially our eating habits, where today’s generation is obsessed with street foods & other mouth-watering food items that are heavily induced with trans fat, bad carbohydrates, fats & high cholesterol, eating healthy has now become a matter of need more than choice.

In fact, India is the largest producer of millets and contributes more than 40% of the global market share. Millets are highly adaptable to a wide range of temperature and climatic conditions; it grows well even in dry conditions and marginal soil fertility condition and moisture content.

What better way to start this healthy eating journey than by reconnecting with our roots through millets? An array of grains varying in shapes, sizes, and colour, millets are gluten-free and non-allergenic. Additionally, they are rich in minerals, vitamins & fiber.

Millets are an excellent choice to replace your regular food as they are not only delicious & high in nutrition, they have less calorie count, improve immunity, curb hunger, reduce sugar levels & aid in curing heart problems. Plus, they are available in the markets at all times, and throughout the year, as they are climate-friendly.

Urban Millets, under the brand Trumillets brings a one-stop solution for all your breakfast needs in ready to cook & ready-to-eat format. With close to 17 years of experience, Trumillets has passionately researched & curated more than 100 fabulous recipes from Pongal to Upma, Kesaribath to Kheer, Bisibelle bath to Veg bath.

Simple Soul is delighted to deliver healthy millet snacks like Murukku and Chivda in Bangalore, Karnataka. All their products are pure unadulterated millets, without mixing rice, wheat or refined oil. Thus providing you a deliciously pure millet taste and ample health benefits. To know more about Trumillets and the benefits of Millets, reach out to us at connect@simplesoul.in.

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