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Pranah farms started off with passion and choice to grow their own food and medicines, driven by our passion and choice. They decided to grow areca nut trees, medicinal plants, and foods in a totally natural way.

Pranah Farms thrives to preserve and grow several highly potent medicinal plants and super foods so that they are available for the future generations. And so, decided to create value added products like Kadha, Baby food and Turmeric Lattes apart from spices that can solve some of the challenges that we all face these day, including lack of natural immunity, malnutrition and protein imbalance from the plant verities that, that are naturally grown under our personal care.

Pranah Farms also makes value-added tableware products from the naturally fallen sheath of the palm tree ( otherwise considered agricultural waste) that are 100% natural and bio-compostable. Under the brand name of Areca, Pranah farm also sources Areca waste from other farmers growing Palm trees. This resulted in farmers stopping the burning of sheaths and instead sell for additional revenue and hence curbing sheat burn pollution.

Making the initiative greener is the manufacturing process which is 100% chemical-free.

No additives or processing agents are involved in the process of converting the sheath into cutlery. Also, the water used for washing sheath is redirected vide a pit into the same farm where the manufacturing unit is located. This helps in recharging the groundwater and since no chemicals are used, water does not get polluted The remnants of the sheath, after the moulding are deposited in a composting pit in the farm thereby enriching the soil content of the farm and leaving no waste. Additionally, the manufacturing waste can be used as fodder for cattle as it is rich in nutrients, The collection comes in eco-friendly packaging as well, i.e recyclable shrink wrap.

Even though made of natural areca sheath, the areca plates, spoons and bowls are tough, they do not conduct heat, so easy to handle when serving or eating hot dishes, do not become soggy, can be washed and re-used, and has a 2-year shelf life. Buy eco-friendly cutlery in Bangalore, Karnataka only on Simple Soul.

To know more about Pranah Farms which is based in Mysore, reach out to us on connect@simplesoul.in.

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