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Sahaja Organics

Sahaja Samrudha Organic Producer Company Ltd marketing under the brand name “Sahaja Organics” was formed in 2010. The unique concept is wholly owned by organic producers, who are necessarily primary producers committed to protecting the environment and providing diverse and wholesome food. Sahaja Organics, incorporated with 10 founding farmers of organic produce has established itself as the largest wholesaler of organic produce across Karnataka.

Increasing economic viability for small farm holdings and building community vitality whilst caring for the environment, Sahaja Samrudha, an organic farmers association of Karnataka, has built a peoples movement in conserving the rich biodiversity. It primarily started as a farmers’ initiative to exchange ideas, seeds and share knowledge on sustainable agriculture.

Today it provides market support to the organic growers so as to enable cultivators to get a better price for their produce. Also aids in enhancing the cultivation base of organic produce, breaking ‘ORGANIC’ out of the niche market into the mainstream massive market for access to all consumers.

Sahaja Organics has a large network of about 2000 individual organic farmers and 20 organic producer groups that are spread across Karnataka and some parts of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh, who produce traditional varieties of food crops.

It has been instrumental in the popularization of traditional varieties of rice which has seen a boom with 35 to 40 rice varieties that consumers can now ask for. Different varieties of the high nutritious Millets and diverse pulses are also available.

Organic products are grown under a system of agriculture without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides with an environmentally and socially responsible approach. This is a method of farming that works at grass root level preserving the reproductive and regenerative capacity of the soil, good plant nutrition, and sound soil management, produces nutritious food rich in vitality that has resistance to diseases.

The product range at Sahaja Organics is authentically certified ‘organic’ by

  • IMO

We at Simple Soul are proud to bring a wide range of carefully curated organic rice, organic flours, organic pulses in  Bangalore, Karnataka and spread the benefits of organic food. To know more about Sahaja Organics reach out to us on connect@simplesoul.in

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