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Even as more and more people look better fed, illness like diabetes has swept across India. One of the reasons for this is that over the last 50 years there has been a dramatic decline in the variety of grains consumed in India. Moreover, millets that were grown organically, provided an essential nutritional balance have virtually vanished from most kitchens across India. Growing more promotion of organic food helps meet the ever-growing market demand. Apart from a huge market benefit, Farmers are able to heal their lands, bring back the cattle, sheep and goats into their lives and farms, increase the productivity of their lands and bring good food and good health for all.

Dharani Farming and Marketing Cooperative Ltd. (Dharani FaM Coop) or Timbaktu Organic, from Chennekothapalli Village of Andhra Pradesh. A producer-owned business enterprise headed by Mr. Madhu Sudan and Mr. Ganguly, Timbaktu Organic belongs to 2,043 small and marginal farmers from 60 villages who sell a range of organic food products under the ‘Timbaktu Organic’ brand name. Dharani FaM Coop enables its members to gain control over the agricultural value chain and improve their returns by encouraging the growth of traditional and climate change resilient crops with low input requirements.

Timbaktu Organic’s product line includes Millets, Pulses, Honey, Ready to eat snacks, and a wide variety of tasty Ready to cook items. All the produce of Timbaktu Organic member farmers is certified organic as per the provisions of the Government of India’s Participatory Guarantee Scheme (PGS India) and the civil society-run Participatory Guarantee Systems – Organic Council (PGSOC). Buy Pure Forest Honey, Organic Millet Breakfast Mixes in Bangalore, Karnataka only on Simple Soul. To know more, please reach out to us at connect@simplesoul.in

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