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Herbal Strategi

Environmental experts say the average household contains upwards of 50 toxic chemicals, distributed amongst the most common cleaners and disinfectants available. Our inevitable exposure to these chemicals in common household products has given rise to numerous cases of asthma, reproductive disorders, hormone imbalances, neurotoxicity, and even cancer.

John Thomas founded Herbal Strategi to develop and promote the use of herbal and eco-friendly home and pet care products in the year 2011 after being personally affected by ills of harmful chemicals in everyday use of insect repellants and home cleansers.

Based out of Bangalore, Herbal Strategi provides pure herbal-based products in the homecare segment from repellents, fresheners, cleaners to pet care products. Herbal Strategi guarantees 100% natural products.

Each batch of raw materials undergoes rigorous tests and is certified at CSIR-IIIM Jammu. As an ISO 9001 Certified Company and licensed by the Ministry of AYUSH and encourage healthy living practices by bringing holistic solutions for everyday issues. Herbal Strategi’s PETA certified products are 100 % Vegan, free of artificial ingredients, and not tested on animals

Dedicated to the cause of delivering quality herbal solutions to keep the harmful chemicals at bay, Herbal Strategi is focussing on encouraging healthy living practices by providing innovative herbal care products that best suit the growing need of customers in keeping their environment safe and eco-friendly.

Buy all natural chemical free Herbal Home cleaning products, herbal insect repellents and herbal room freshners in Bangalore, Karnataka from Herbal Strategi delivered only on Simple Soul.

For more details contact on connect@simplesoul.in

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