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Sugared Rose

It’s a fact that our skin is the largest organ in our body and is most ignored. Often, we take our skin for granted and only look at its appearance of it, we failed to understand that skin has no filtration, and whatever we put on our skin, penetrates the blood within no time.

Cosmetics can have a larger impact on our health, and to address this, was born, Sugared Rose with a commitment to making skincare products in a natural and sustainable way.

Sugared Rose, started by Mahima Hegde, a psychologist, and entrepreneur from Mysore, is a natural cosmetic company that is committed to using natural resources and raw materials and bringing awareness about what really goes into each product, how it’s made, and what effect it has on the skin.

Mahima was born in a small town near Chickmagalur district finished her early education in Mangalore and perceived her Master’s in psychological counseling from Bangalore university and secured a gold medal for her dissertation based on awareness of HIV/ AIDS among blue-collar workers. She further pursued her special master’s degree in Human Resource Management from Middlesex University, London. She worked as a psychoanalyst at the National Health Service for 3 years and returned back to India in 2009. In order to pursue her passion and love for Plants, she has established a Business called ‘The Magical garden which is successfully running.

Mahima plans to take this Mysuru grown brand international and help a lot of women to be financially viable. We at Simple Soul are proud to bring onboard and expand the reach of Sugared Rose across Bangalore, Karnataka. To know more, reach out to us at connect@simplesoul.in

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