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Commercial soaps are made with chemical detergents, hardeners, and synthetic lathering agents. Quite often these ingredients can be drying or irritating on the skin. On the other hand, Sattvika Handmade soaps are devoid of harsh chemicals and rich in skin-loving essential oils, fruits, and other natural ingredients that provide quick and therapeutic benefits.

All ingredients of Sattvika soaps are handpicked to deliver the best results. The manufacturing involves the use of 100% pure and natural fruits and vegetable pulps with a hint of Goat milk or glycerin base without any added preservatives or artificial colorings with 100% food-grade packaging.

“When you have the self-confidence, a craving, and courage, nature will help you reach your goals no matter what.” – the belief of the enigmatic Mrs. Nirmala who runs Sattvika, a year-old enterprise from her home in the heritage city of Mysore. Mrs. Nirmala who is also a professional acupuncturist has mixed her strong enterprising skills with her passion for a more natural, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle to develop high-quality natural soaps which today has brought delight to many customers.

Mrs. Nirmala started making handmade soaps more as a hobby back in 2019, catering to her inner family and friends. But soon the high-quality soaps garnered great reviews with demand rising like wildfire and soon started selling in numbers more than 100s day after day.
Today, Mrs. Nirmala has turned her hobby into Sattvika, a professional setup with a wide range of products like soaps, hand wash, dishwashers, detergents, and also premium health drinks catering to a large market across Karnataka, Kerala & Tamil Nadu. Sattvik is a homegrown enterprise, located in NR Mohalla, Mysore. Buy natural cold-processed handmade soaps in Bangalore, Karnataka only on Simple Soul. To know more, please reach out to us at connect@simplesoul.in.

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