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Pájaka under the brand name Phalamrutha, stands witness to one of the un-matchable quality of products and customer satisfaction.

Phalamrutha, sits on a beautiful farm outside the small village of Thippasandra, Denkanokotai Tq about 70 kms from Bangalore. With about 85 cows, it is a different kind of dairy farm, one where you can immediately taste a family’s dedication to the dairy process in a single sip of the milk. Fodder for cows comes from their farm too – they grow 5 varieties of fodder in dedicated 40 acres of land.

They are the finest producers of organic milk and related products, with strict adherence to un-matchable standards of purity and ethics. The farm is spread across 70 acres of land comprising the organic dairy processing plant. One of their prime objectives is to serve fresh and pure products, they practice wholesome animal care, with zero usage of preservatives. From cows to carton every step is monitored as per the protocols and practices. Packed with their relentless dedication to offering the customers the highest quality of organic dairy products available in the market.

Phalamrutha – is a concious effort to be deep-rooted in culture & manifest the age-old wisdom of harmony: वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam) – the world is one family.

Phalamrutha is an attempt to emphasize the significance of harmonious living – plants, livestock, human beings, and technology are all interdependent. None is more important than others to the agriculture ecosystem. What is healthy for us human beings is invariably beneficial to our environment too.

In Phalamrutha, one can learn more about modern farming techniques with equal emphasis to ancient methods. For those of you who do not fancy farming – cows & sheep grazing freely, puppies & rabbits running around or the stream which flows next to our farm should keep you enthralled.

Most importantly, Phalamrutha is an antidote to the mundane corporate life – walk in to experience peace and tranquillity away from the run-of-the-mill modern-day life style. Buy Pure Organic A2 Cow Ghee in Bangalore, Karnataka only on Simple Soul. To know more about them, contact us on connect@simplesoul.in.

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