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For the past 10 years, Aakar Innovations, under the brand name ‘Anandi’ has worked to create awareness and access to affordable, high quality, eco-friendly menstrual hygiene products to empower women and girls, enabling them to play an active role in their own socio-economic development.

Anandi is founded by Mr. Jaydeep Mandal who comes with 15+ years of experience in rural innovation and microenterprise development. Anandi is a hybrid social enterprise comprising Aakar Innovations and Aakar Social Ventures that enables women to produce and distribute affordable, high-quality, fully compostable sanitary napkins within their communities while simultaneously raising awareness and sensitization of menstrual hygiene management.

‘Anandi’ makes pads with sustainable materials in an environmentally friendly production process. ‘Anandi’ partners with communities to build high-capacity production centers and employ and empower women.

In fact, for every one pack of pads sold to a woman in the urban commercial market Anandi donates one to women in villages and those pads will be produced in mini-factories in villages, run & owned by local women. Anandi is not just benefiting the planet with its eco-conscious product but also impacting the lives of several women and empowering them.
In the past years, Anandi has grown multifold:

  • 1 Million + women and girls as consumers
  • 400000 Girls and Women Reached Through Education Program
  • 700+ Women Employed in Mini-Factories earning ~150 USD/Month
  • 500+ Women Engaged in Sales
  • 600+ Workshops/Education Programs for Women and Girls
  • 30+ Operational Mini-Factories in India in 12 States

Buy ecofriendly women hygiene products like Sanitary Pads – XL, XXL, Combo size in Bangalore, Karnataka only on Simple Soul. To know more about Anandi, please reach out to us on connect@simplesoul.in

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