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Skin is incredibly porous and absorbent. The chemicals used in general soaps, shampoos, and detergents can be absorbed through the skin causing long-term damage. Switching to handmade soaps free of harmful chemicals is the need of the hour.

Arogya Butti- literally translating to Health Basket is a unique self-help group for farmers of the Alur & Chamarajanagar Villages in the southern part of Karnataka established almost 18 years ago which promotes herbal body care, home cleansing, and healthcare products.

Arogya Butti is driven towards encouraging self-sufficiency for farmer communities through and promotion of sustainable, traditional, and natural farming techniques. For its range of Herbal handmade soaps, Charcoal tooth powders, herbal hair washes, the makers at Arogya Butti ensure only the best and handpicked ayurvedic & medicinal plants that are environmentally sustainable throughout their cycle of procurement, usage, and disposal. These 100% natural, with zero artificial fragrance, zero animal fat, zero artificial colors, highly medicinal, and free of harmful chemical products are a big favorite for a large community of mindful consumers in various parts of India.

Headed by the charismatic Mr. Alur Murthy who comes from a traditional farming community from the village of Alur village of Chamrajnagara, Karnataka is a close ideological associate of Mysore’s own Millet Doctor – Dr. Khader Wali.

Unlike commercial soaps which are full of chemical detergents, hardeners, and synthetic lathering agents, Arogya Butti soaps are made of 100% natural ingredients with skin-loving essential oils. Apart from the well being of your skin, patronizing these products goes a long way in bettering the well being of the soil and the livelihoods of farmers and communities who are engaged in natural and organic farming techniques. Buy handmade cold-pressed soaps, Herbal Hair Cleanser like Kesha Sindhu, Kesha Siri, Amla Powder in Bangalore, Karnataka only on Simple Soul.

To know more, reach out to us at connect@simplesoul.in.

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