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Maida-free Millet Noodles in Bangalore, Karnataka

Kamaleya is derived from the Sanskrit word for Lotus, symbolizing purity.

Kamaleya Organics foods are committed to giving products that promote the Whole health of the body, mind, and soul. The co-operative Society of Kamelya works with 120 local family farmers who practice Vedic agriculture with love and care and ensuring quality of life for the farmers. They aid farmers to practice sustainable agriculture and ensure sustainable incomes.

At Kamaleya, the team is involved in nurture and care for the product from the sapling stage until it becomes a complete food product. Crops are grown using natural fertilizers like manure, compost, and crop residues to improve plant growth. Their food range has no usage of genetically modified seeds, fertilizer, pesticide, and additives. The food is harvested when ripe and thus fresher and full of flavor.

Based out of Chinnalapatti in Dindigul District of Tamil Nadu, Kamaleya brings a range of organic instant noodles made from your favorite millets like Ragi (Finger Millet), Saame (Little Millet), and Multi Millet. We at Simple Soul are delighted to bring organic instant millet noodles in Bangalore, Karnataka. To know more, reach us at connect@simplesoul.in.

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