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Shivamogga Co-op Society

Shivamogga Co-op Society is a collective of 7 clusters of farmers groups involved in organic agricultural produce for the region. Organic food products provide great health benefits to consumers. Also, by growing, processing, and marketing organic food, smallholder farmers are able to cater to the ever-growing demand in markets. Additionally, farmers get to eat better and grow what is right for themselves, their animals, and their land. It aids in the increase of productivity, seed sovereignty, lower water, capital, and energy consumption, more livestock, multiple and varied crops, better livelihood options, and enhanced health.

From Shivamogga, we bring to Mysore, certified organic

To promote this healthier alternative farming, the Govt of Karnataka has undertaken certifications through agencies recognized by APEDA, GoI, in coordination with Karnataka State Organic Certification Agency. Around 63,677 hectares and 53,829 farmers covered under Savayava Bhagya have been brought under certification through Karnataka State Organic Certification Agency. The multiple co-operative societies spearheading this across the state guarantee that the organic produce/products are produced in organic farms complying with the stipulated standards and protect the interests of organic farmers.

The Shivamogga co-operative society works closely with farmers and farmer groups to educate, mitigate risk, enhance agricultural production, promote sustainability, and improve income opportunities along with ensuring successful implementation of various Govt. schemes.

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