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Is it truly organic?

Irrespective of the type of produce – non-perishables (groceries) or perishables (vegetables & fruits), a lot of people get comfort from the  organic certifications provided by the many Govt and Private agencies (we source from certified organic farmer groups). 

Those of us who want to be thorough, can try the traditional – store and verify method. Here, you keep a bowl of organic and regular (non organic) produce (rice/dal/pulse) for two to three months in different containers. There are high chances to spot one or more pests/bugs in the organic produce vs the regular one. At Simple Soul, inspite of our best efforts, we have had our fair share of pest related issues which we consider as a good sign rather than a hazzle. 

However, the store & verify method is impossible with perishables. Thus we rely on our natural senses, i.e., visual, touch and taste. People who have in-depth knowledge and experience say that organic food feels and tastes better than regular foods. 

We at Simple Soul source pesticide free produce in small batches from trusted local farmers of Karnataka on a biweekly basis. We also carry verified details of all our suppliers to help you make an informed purchase.

P.S: The above observations are purely based on our experience. We respect and acknowledge different expert views and opinions.

We at Simple Soul, bring fresh, unadulterated, harmful pesticide free organic food grains, organic flours, cold pressed oils, sustainable home products and chemical free personal care products to homes in Bangalore, Karnataka.

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