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Organic Ragi Mudde Mix - 500 gm

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Instant Ragi Mudde Mix is a product of CSIR-CFTRI based technology.
The mix does not contain any pesticides or preservative and all the ingredients are sourced by local farmers of Karnataka.
It just takes 5 minutes to prepare the ragi balls and 15 minutes to steam in the steamer.

Blend of steamed Ragi & Methi Powder

1. Mix 500g of ragi mudde mix with 4 cups(350ml) of water & 1 tablespoon Ghee / oil(15ml) and make it a soft dough.
2. Prepare the dough into several ball as per the size you require.
3. Steam the ragi ball on high Flame for 10-15 minutes like Idlis are cooked in an Idli coooker, or keep them in microwave (in microwave safe bowl) on medium temperature for 4-5 minutes.
4. Your hot and nutritious ragi balls are ready to eat with sambar/pickle/curry of your taste.

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