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    Coconut Dish Scrubber – Pack of 4

    Cleaning greasy kitchenware and dishes while keeping our planet clean – can you think of a better way to go sustainable in our homes? Using coconut husk that is usually discarded after consuming a coconut, it’s time we give it a new life – these scrubs, derived from coconut fibre/coir, along with its perfect natural texture and anti-microbial benefits, will have you going loco for coco-nuts!

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    Neem comb

    The Neem wood comb is multi-functional and has multiple benefits on our health and our environment, a fact that has been scientifically proven. Neem combs benefit in taking care of our hair, reducing hair fall and removing dandruff. Whether it’s long silky hair, to men’s grizzly ‘bare’ beards, the neem comb promotes a minimalist and natural lifestyle and using a single product for multiple purposes!

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