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Importance of healthy food for kids

Healthy Foods for Kids in Bangalore, Karnataka

Children’s diet requires a special focus on the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for healthy growth. It’s also important to develop their immunity, and the best way to do so is by feeding them home-cooked food.

Healthy Foods for Kids in Bangalore, Karnataka
With a hectic lifestyle being our go-to excuse for instant food, we often believe that it’s hard to cook from scratch. So we settle for ready-to-cook, pre-packaged foods. Advertising gimmicks often make us fall for how “nutritious” they are. It’s high time we question how safe it is for children to consume packaged foods and their potential long-term impact on their immunity and health.

Most packaged foods contain high amounts of added sugar and salt making them highly palatable. When it comes to the nutritional values of packaged food, most people only look at two things, the number of calories and the amount of trans fat it contains. Very few pay attention to added sugar, salt, or class of preservatives. The tricky thing is, added sugars are often masked under subtle things like honey, glucose, and molasses. Further, it’s not limited to just the nutritional content but also the process used to manufacture or refine packaged snacks that make a difference. But how many of us even think about that?

Make no mistake that we are suggesting completely shutting the consumption of packaged foods. It’s not practical and kids love them. However, we do believe there are alternatives to it. Snacks made by small-scale industries & local women entrepreneurs are made fresh in small batches, are much healthier, and are perishable, with a lower shelf life, because they have no added preservatives.

Hence, the next time your kid wants to eat peanut butter or tomato ketchup, make sure you read the label for clean ingredients, look for products made a small scale and shop from local vendors to keep your kids satisfied without compromising their health! Shop healthy snacks for kids on Simple Soul in Bangalore, Karnataka or order on Whatsapp at 8105139191. 


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