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Dairy consumption and health

Frehs dairy products in Mysuru

We all love a glass of milk or a bowl of curd, be it to begin or end our day! Unfortunately, the rising demand for dairy has caused the dairy industry to be one of the most adulterated industries in the world. In an attempt to increase yield, cut costs and increase shelf-life, the use of antibiotics, synthetic hormones and chemical emulsifiers has become rampant in the dairy industry. These additives put tremendous strain on the gut, wreaking the immune system. This also causes a huge risk for animals as well as the environment.

Frehs dairy products in Mysuru

Undoubtedly animal-free dairy alternatives (almond, soy, oat, coconut etc.) offers a huge step towards hormonal, chemical free and ethical alternatives that could see the reduction of mass dairy farming. However, even these profound changes are not sustainable and will have far-reaching implications on cultural food heritage, food chain, employment and livelihoods.

As with all things in life – balance is key. Striking the right balance between the sustainable production of necessary food sources and retaining heritage foods that form an important part of our social and cultural identities are vital.

Milk from ethically raised, chemical free fodder-fed, non injected cows that are free to graze in open fields has been directly linked to have higher concentration of nutrients that is ideal for good health and healthy gut.

The pros of the above milk and it’s byproducts outweigh the cons of conventional milk any day. Let’s aim to find a balance between our hypermarkets and our local farmers that allows us both sustainable convenience and the ability to buy local organic specialist products.

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