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Nutritious Healthy Seeds in Bangalore, Karnataka

Idividual wellbeing is the mandate to lead a happy life in a modern sedentary lifestyle.  Diet and exercise are a new normal for individuals and NutriPlanet Foods complements your healthy lifestyle by bringing  Plant-Based Nutritional Foods. NutriPlanet  Foods Pvt Ltd., a pioneer, started Chia Seeds Cultivation in India by collaboration with CFTRI(Central Food Technological & Research Institute), Mysuru, State of Karnataka in India.  Today NutriPlanet have a high range of healthy foods products resulting in tens of thousands of consumers’ healthy life. NutriPlanet creates a series of healthy food products to match the lifestyle demands of our society-from providing energy and fighting fatigue to providing minerals and molecules that are necessary for a healthy body and mind along with a smiling heart and guts to glory.

NutriPlanet in the brand name of Fulsome, is committed to sustainable, eco-friendly, chemical-free, and top-quality nutritional products for the world. NutriPlanet holds hands with farmers for its special ingredients and sets up a transparent and accountable farming enterprise with a robust supply chain, delivering value to all stakeholders.

Healthy seeds in Bangalore, Karnataka

NutriPlanet team spans Farmers, Scientists, Industry Experts, Management Professionals and food design specialists. We at Simple Soul are delighted to bring nutritious healthy seeds from Fulsome to your homes across Bangalore & Karnataka on Simple Soul. To know more, contact us at connect@simplesoul.in.

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