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Why should we buy organic?

We, consumers, are constantly at crossroads when it comes to Organic or Natural or Sustainable living. In the coming weeks, we look to address some of them to the best of our knowledge. Today, we are going to talk about WHY SHOULD WE BUY ORGANIC FOOD? 

To address the why, we try to understand the what. Organic food is just another word for food produced by nature without the use of chemical fertilizers (used extensively to increase the yield), chemical preservatives (to increase shelf life) and chemical additives(to artificially enhance the color/ taste of food).

To eat organic should not be an option, but a conscious decision of what we consume on a daily basis.

Unfortunately today, we are in a way consuming tiny bits of invisible chemical substances everyday just because it does not show any immediate effect & being completely oblivious to the long term health risks.

In today’s industrial world, we are already exposed to a great deal of chemicals, be it air or water. However, we can make a conscious decision to not consume it through food.

Hope this intrigues us to know more, talk to experts and try to make the switch to organic!


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